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Fresh Food, Sustainable Products, Pollution Mitigation, and Clean Water

ALGIX is a clean technology company that produces sustainable products using aquaculture and water remediation. We operate and support sustainable fish farms for the combined production of fresh fish and algae biomass. We service the demand for fresh food and low-cost, bio-based feedstock for the renewable plastics industry.
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Featured - Solaplast 1223 Bio-resin

Commercial Product Launch of Solaplast 1223.

Solaplast 1223 is a Durable Bioresin comprised of Algae Biomass and Polypropylene.

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Solaplast 1223

Algae Articles

Algae in the paper industry

The paper industry has a reputation of negative environmental impacts from its use of natural resources to the amount of pollutants produced during the paper-making process. “In 2006, the US pulp and paper industry generated over 200 million pounds of hazardous wastes, including TRS and VOCs.” (1) How can algae effect any part of this […]

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Looking to Buy Algae?

Buyalgae.com  is a marketplace for aquatic biomass and bioproducts connecting buyers and sellers  with innovative and renewable feedstocks.