• Technology

    ALGIX technology is based on patent-pending technology for the conversion of algae into bioplastics.

  • Environment

    Environmental Benefits of Algae-based Bioremediation and Bioplastics.

  • Opportunities

    Financial, social, environmental opportunities with ALGIX.

  • Connections

    ALGIX is connected with key academic and industry resources.

The ALGIX Vision

Our mission at ALGIX, LLC is to revolutionize Agribusiness using the power of algae. The ALGIX patent-pending technology can take nutrient-rich wastewater and convert it into protein-rich aquatic biomass suitable for sustainable bioplastic materials, including injection molding applications. Through research collaboration with the University of Georgia and technical innovations licensed from Kimberly-Clark, we are currently in the process of developing new formulations and evaluating a variety of species of algae to produce novel bioplastic materials with a range of material properties.

About Us

Overview of Company and Philosophy.


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Algae-Blended Thermoplastic Resins made from the Sun