ALGIX, LLC is developing sustainable methods and materials based on algae biomass for injection molding applications.  Utilizing patent-pending technology, we take nutrient-rich wastewater and convert it into fast growing aquatic biomass suitable for conversion into bioplastics. Our business structure includes  separate divisions to support both supply chain and product development.

Supply Chain
Our ALGENT division is focused on developing farm-based algae cultivation systems that couple water remediation with high yield growing methods.  The result is a renewable source of  high-quality algae used in bio-products such as bioplastics, biofuels, feeds, fibers and fertilizers.

Product Development
Our ALGANIX division is developing a new breed of organic plastics using algae as the foundation from our patent-pending technology. By integrating nutrient recovery from agricultural/livestock operations with aquatic biomass production, ALGIX can provide a sustainable, cost-competitive, economically viable system for the production of bioplastics.

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