The Aquatic Feedstock Supply Chain Logo - White provides biomass producers with an opportunity to provide their novel feedstocks to a variety of end-users to assist in product development and scale up and organize the algae supply chain to commodity level pricing and availability to grow and mature the algae biotechnology sector. ALGIX is working to build the aquatic biomass supply chain to feed the growing demand for algae and algae-based products in the bioplastic, biofuel and nutritional markets. We buy and sell aquatic biomass to supply the demands for bioplastics, but also provide access to these novel feedstocks to others in the industry. connects algae producers with algae product developers or end users. Depending on the listing, the algae may be grown by different producers in different geographic locations and using different cultivation approaches. These factors are included in the product listing profile and it is up to the algae producer to provide as much information about the feedstock as possible to assist buyer in making informed decisions on their feedstock purchase. develops a product listing profile for each product for sale on the site. The profile contains key information about the origin of the biomass, such as category, species, quantity available, price structure, quality, material form, purity, cultivation technique, nutrient source, compositional assay, and potential end-use applications. It is up to the seller to provide the most accurate and detailed description of their material, where the more details offered the better the material is for R&D and product development applications.

Algae producers can list their aquatic feedstock and algae-based products at with specific details about the feedstock characteristics, images, etc and its potential commercial applications. To become a registered seller, please email to request to become a seller and you will be sent the product listing profile to complete for your feedstock. Once approved by our staff, we will post your feedstock of bioproduct in the online catalog. will also offer a high profile Portfolio listing for algae companies that produce an array of aquatic-based products ranging from raw biomass, to oils, meals, extracts and commercial products.


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