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Solaplast, a division of ALGIX, LLC, is a custom compounding company specializing in converting algae biomass into plastics.  Solaplast receives algae biomass from a wide variety of sources and uses plastic extrusion technology to produce bioplastics resin pellets for use in injection molding, sheet extrusion, blown film and thermoforming product conversion techniques in both durable and biodegradable formulations.

Solaplast’s innovation and manufacturing is based on specialized equipment for fine particle micronization and thermoplastic co-processing using bio-based materials, fine powders and multiple ingredients. The new facility has a research laboratory with chemical feedstock analysis, lab compounding and plastic testing infrastructure. Our current capabilities of 6,000 tons of annual resin production is housed within a vast 70,000 sq ft commercial facility with ample space to grow up to 100,000 tons of bioplastics annually when fully built out.

ALGIX, the parent company of Solaplast, is a clean technology company that uses algae technologies to improve the sustainability and efficiency of some of society’s most pressing challenges. Below is an overview of the ALGIX divisions:

The Earth has limited fresh water resources which is tied to the lack of economical wastewater treatment. ALGIX Water Solutions turns to algae cultivation as a way to absorb excess nutrients from waste water yielding clean water and protein-rich algae biomass as co-products. ALGIX has partnered with multiple algae technology companies that have a variety of commercial solutions depending on the customers needs.

Algae is one of the most abundant natural resources on the planet, yet one of the most underutilized. The challenge has been efficient and low cost harvesting and processing of the algae into a dry end product. The ALGENT division is dedicated to low-cost, high-rate harvesting and drying of algae biomass from algae cultivation systems. We have designed and demonstrated highly effective and economical infrastructure that changes the paradigm for using algae as an agricultural feedstock.

The production of high quality protein for human consumption is considered one of society’s top challenges for a growing global population. The Earth’s oceans have been overfished, and the efficiency of producing meats from conventional grazing animals is tied to a variety of nutritional and ecological problems. There has been massive growth in the aquaculture industry due to these challenges of finding a desirable, sustainable and low cost protein source. ALGIX has acquired two large fish farms comprising 300 acres of ponds in Jamaica capable of producing over 10,000 tons of fresh fish and 20,000 tons of algae biomass annually when at full scale production.

The algae biomass market is currently in its infancy, with little production and a lack of standardization. ALGIX developed an eCommerce platform, buyalgae.com, which aims at assisting in the commoditization of algae as an agricultural crop for use in bio-based products. By evaluating and quantifying the algae composition from feedstock producers and providing detailed analysis to potential buyers, ALGIX is leading the way in growing the acceptance and utilization of algae as a renewable resource.