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ALGIX initiated a collaboration with Kimberly-Clark starting in 2011 for developing algae-blended thermoplastics for commercial applications. The Solaplast brand of bioplastics resins are patent protected through world-wide exclusive licensing rights from Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Kimberly-Clark is a global leader in natural products in the personal care markets. Kimberly-Clark has a corporate Research and Development facility in Wisconsin that specializes in developing innovative solutions for personal care markets and beyond.

The Research and Development team at ALGIX have worked with Kimberly-Clark researchers that develop formulations to address some of the common issues with using biomass in plastics, including color, odor, and mechanical performance. ALGIX is currently scaling up the commercial deployment of algae based plastics to make our technology cost competitive for plastic applications within the large scale personal care and other industrial markets.