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Executive Leadership Team


Michael Van Drunen

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Van Drunen is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-founder of ALGIX, LLC. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology. Mr. Van Drunen has over 20 years of business and commercialization experience in electronic engineering, consumer packaging, aquaculture and plastics. His business background includes starting companies from idea conception to high growth and business merger and acquisition. Mr. Van Drunen has longstanding relationships with Fortune 500 companies that have strong interest in sustainable packaging, which allows access to targeted customers for product development and market research. He has lead the engineering and leadership efforts of several large packaging companies and brings significant experience, commercial visibility and key relationships to ALGIX. From these experiences, Mr. Van Drunen provides the vision, leadership and global growth plan for ALGIX.


Ryan W. Hunt

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Hunt is the Chief Technology Officer, member of the Board of Directors, and co-founder of ALGIX, LLC. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Master of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from the University of Georgia. Mr. Hunt has over eight years of research experience in biopolymers, algae technology, biomass fractionation, and photosynthetic optimization. His technical background includes physics, bioengineering, algae cultivation, wastewater treatment, phyto-hormone stimulation, LED growth systems, algal biomass conversion, life cycle assessment, downstream processing, compounding formulation and process development, algae harvesting, drying and micronization. Ryan has published six journal articles and is a co-inventor of four patents on algae-related technologies. Mr. Hunt uses his diverse skill set and research experience to drive innovation and promote sustainability and excellence for the leadership and vision of ALGIX.


John Matthews

Chief Operating Officer

Departmental Directors

Ashton Head Shot

Research and Development

Ashton Zeller

Director of Research and Development for ALGIX. Mr. Zeller has six years of research in biotechnology focused on biopolymers, algae technology, and protein biochemistry. His technical background includes microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, molecular biology, genetic engineering, electro-chemistry, protein biopolymer synthesis, compounding formulation and process development, life-cycle assessment, algae harvesting, dewatering, drying and micronization. His experience as the Director of R&D at ALGIX provides the skillset necessary for technical direction of algae and bioplastic operations.


Jon Bucciarelli

Director of Engineering for ALGIX. Mr. Bucciarelli brings many years of leadership and manufacturing experience to Algix after 20 years combined at General Motors and Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy.  He served as the Launch Manager at General Motors where he was responsible for the body shop conversion from the Chevy Cavalier to the Cobalt.  He oversees all aspects of engineering throughout the company and serves on the executive leadership team to create the vision and corporate culture at Algix and it’s subsidiaries.



Eric Gobert

Director of ALGENT, Mr. Gobert has worked in the field of Biorefining and Carbon Cycling for over five years at the University of Georgia’s Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department.  He has been involved with pilot scale processing of various types of biomass for value added products, including drying, milling, classification, pelletization, and thermochemical and biological conversion. Eric now oversees the algae harvesting and drying operations of ALGENT, a division of ALGIX, LLC.


Human Resources

Katie Van Drunen

Human resources manager for Algix, LLC. Attended Kent State University and received a bachelor degree in Business Management. Katie managed a department in a medical billing company for 2 years. Katie has been involved with the human resources and office management of ALGIX since its inception in 2010, and officially joined in 2013. Katie has been critical to business,  procurement and human resources related activities

Maurice Reynolds profile pic

Managing Director of ALGIX Jamaica

Maurice Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds is the Managing Director of Algix Jamaica. His main focus is on Research and Development on tilapia and Pangasius production. Algix Jamaica is the largest fish farm in the English –speaking Caribbean. As a fish scientist with over 30 years experience, both as fish farmer and a researcher in fish technologies he welcomed the challenges of expanding his R&D into the spawning of the Pangasius hypophthalmus (Basa). He has been working with Dr. McGee of Caribe Fisheries where he has already successful spawned the basa out of season. He plans to work with the local universities to strengthen the food security of Jamaica and the region. His goal is to reduce the need for imported Basa from Asia, thus saving scarce foreign exchange. Ultimately he wants to successfully culture the Pangasius, in Algix Jamaica’s already fully equipped laboratory, to re-vitalize the dying aquaculture industry in Jamaica. Mr Reynolds has served as the Senior Parish Officer with the Ministry of Water and Housing with direct responsibility for five Western Parishes, Manager for the Rural/Urban Upgrading Project with special emphasis on inner city communities, and has twelve years experience as Managing Director of Fish World and Aquatech Company. Mr. Reynolds was appointed Parish Aquacultural Consultant to R.A.D.A for one year to implement an Aquacultural program in schools and community groups and has taught Aquaculture Technologies at the University of the West Indies, School of Continuing Studies, Westmoreland Chapter.