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Bioprospecting of Aquatic Biomass

ALGIX is evaluating a wide variety of fast growing strains of aquatic biomass for their suitability and conversion into bioplastic. Species shown to demonstrate the potential for polymerization are evaluated for compression molding, extrusion compounding and injection molding. We want to test your biomass for bioplastic conversion. If you are an algae biomass producer, contact us at for more information regarding bioprospecting and evaluation of your algae biomass as a feedstock for thermoplastic blended resins. Or you can visit for more information on how to submit information about your aquatic feedstock.

Bioplastic Formulation
Development of injection molding grade formulations of sustainable bio-resins for high performance hybrid polymer resins, as well as compostable 100% bio-based polymer resins. The Solaplast product line of bio-resins have a range of material properties suitable for a variety of end-use applications, such as packaging containers and films, horticultural/agricultural products, and non-woven materials.

Process Engineering
Bioplastic formulations that have demonstrated desirable material properties and performance are being scaled up from lab scale to pilot and commercial scale production.

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Solaplast Series of Algae-blended Thermoplastic Resins
The Solaplast series resins are algae-blended resins using durable or biodegradable base resins. These are thermoplastic compounds containing a significant fraction of algae biomass and bio-based additives. The Solaplast grades of resin can be formulated with polyolefins or polyesters, food-grade or industrial grade aquatic biomass and specialty additives to improve processing, performance, color and odor. The Solaplast resins have a bio-content of at least 40%, and in some formulations can be as high as 100% bio-based.

The Solaplast resins can be used directly or as a masterbatch to be let down to desired loading levels in the end product. Depending on the resin grade, the conversion applications include injection molding, cast films, sheet extrusion and thermoforming. ALGIX is dedicated to further R&D to increase the number of applications and conversion technologies for the Solaplast series of resins.

Solaplast 1111 – Data Sheet

Solaplast 1222 – Data Sheet

Solaplast 1312 – Data Sheet

Solaplast 2020 – Data Sheet

Solaplast 2112 – Data Sheet


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