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Caribbean Basa Filet

Caribbean Basa Steak

Scaled and Gutted Tilapia

Whole Tilapia

Algix Jamaica operates over 300 acres of fish ponds in Jamaica to provide protein-rich fish to the Jamaican people. Our facilities have hatchery operations for producing Tilapia and  Pangasius (Basa) fingerlings. Our farm has an abundance of fresh water streamed daily into our ponds. We also provide a high protein, all natural feed for both our Tilapia and Basa, which produces the best quality, best tasting fish on the island. The majority of the fish consumed in Jamaica is from importers so the option for “Fresh Fish” has not been available until now. Algix Jamaica can provide fresh fish to retailers island wide within 24 hours of the fish swimming in our ponds.


Fish Finger and Brown Stew Fish

Nutrition Facts

Low Calorie Count!

4.5% of your 2,000 Calorie Daily Value diet, per recommended serving.

High Unsaturated Fat Content!

This is vital in vitamin absorption and aids growth and development in children and adolescents.

Protein Rich!

Our Caribbean Basa has TWICE the protein per gram than that of an egg!

High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids!

This prevents heart disease as stated by the American Heart Association.

NO Carbs!

Our Caribbean Basa contains no carbohydrates!

Low in Sodium!

Low sodium prevents Hypertension/High Blood Pressure and Hypernatremia.

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