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From Plastic Pollution to an Algae Solution

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The University of Georgia recently reported on research results that estimates the amount of plastic pollution that is generated each year. “Their study, reported in the Feb. 13 edition of the journal Science, found between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean in 2010 from people living within 50 kilometers of the coastline. That year, a total of 275 million metric tons of plastic waste was generated in those 192 coastal countries.” “Eight million metric tons is the equivalent to finding five grocery bags full of plastic on every foot of coastline in the 192 countries we examined.”


““We’re being overwhelmed by our waste,” she said. “But our framework allows us to also examine mitigation strategies like improving global solid waste management and reducing plastic in the waste stream. Potential solutions will need to coordinate local and global efforts.”(1)

A viable solution: Algix’s Bioplastics from Algae

Solaplast, a subsidiary of ALGIX, harnesses the potential of algae to make bio-plastics for the replacement of traditional petroleum-based plastics and for the reduction of biodegradable plastic costs. Our process includes innovations that reduce the environmental impact of plastic use and correct existing impacts from other sources. To our customers,  Solaplast can offer tremendous improvements to Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and can allow sustainability objectives to be reached. Solaplast’s products will certainly improve a customer’s green image and will also generate buzz around their products, garnering extra recognition within the plastics sector and from their consumers at the register. Most importantly, Solaplast can offer all of these environmental benefits while being cost competitive in the market place.

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Solaplast’s innovative product solutions revolutionize the polymer space by providing bio-based sustainable products that do not compete with food production and help to reduce negative environmental impact. This allows Solaplast to provide products that positively impacts of traditional bio-plastics (including carbon sequestration, smaller ecological footprints, reduced petroleum dependence, and improved end of life options) without impacting food pricing or food supplies.

Solaplast also provides customers a number of application based cost reductions and technical benefits. The potential for Solaplast resin use exists for a number of applications, and here at Solaplast we are always interested in helping our customers meet their sustainability goals through our custom formulating services. Solaplast also offers toll compounding to pioneering companies who would like to leverage our extensive technical background and specially modified extrusion capabilities to make their product innovations come to life.


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