ALGIX, LLC has limited world-wide exclusive license agreements on patent pending technologies from the University of Georgia and Kimberly-Clark for the production of bioplastics from aquatic biomass, such as algae. The research at ALGIX is developing novel formulations and production processes for our Solaplast product line of bioplastic materials from various types of biomass to meet the demands of our customers. We are bridging the gap between the desire of industry to develop biodegradable/sustainable packaging materials for products and the technical feasibility of converting highly productive aquatic biomass into bioplastic materials. Our research and product development is aimed at producing biodegradable and bio-sourced polymers for a variety of applications such as, disposable packaging containers for dry and liquid goods, consumer goods,  agricultural & horticultural films and products and other novel material applications.

Our team combines the expertise and experience of business entrepreneurship and established industry connections within the packaging industry with innovative research and commercial development technical skill sets. ALGIX’s goal is to develop a biorefining approach for on-farm remediation of water for the production of algal biomass for developing the next generation of biodegradable packaging materials for commercial applications.


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