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ALGIX Water Solutions: Offers water treatment solutions for industrial, municipal and agricultural wastewater depending on the customer’s needs. ALGIX has partnered with innovative companies that use algae to clean wastewater by absorbing excess nutrients while also providing algae biomass as a co-product. The algae produced in wastewater treatment can then be harvested and used in the production of algae based plastics. We can help wastewater producers identify algae-based water treatment technologies depending on the customer’s need. ALGIX water solutions is working to help increase the amount of usable fresh water on the Earth as well as use the treatment algae to make more sustainable plastics.


ALGENT: Offers algae harvesting and dewatering systems for producing algae biomass for commercial applications. Our primary dewatering system is a mobile Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system capable to efficient concentration of dilute algae cultures to a pumpable slurry.  We can then custom design infrastructure for secondary mechanical dewatering and thermal drying. These solutions can be tailored to the specific application and geography that makes the most economical sense. At ALGENT, we are dedicated to developing low-cost, high-rate harvesting and drying of algae biomass from wherever the source, in order to better utilize algae, one of the most abundant natural resources on the planet.


ALGIX Aquaculture Jamaica: Offers fresh tilapia and pangasius fish grown on our two aquaculture farms in the pristine foothills in St. Barton Isles, St Elizabeth, Jamaica and in Toll Gate, Clarendon, Jamaica. These farms produce abundant fresh fish in synergy with microalgae biomass production as a valuable co-product. Our fresh fish is sold through our fresh market located at the farm, through distribution throughout the island as well as some international exports. A hatchery is also on site for spawning juvenile fish for cultivation on our farm as well as being sold to other contract fish farms. We are dedicated to producing fish that are a desirable, sustainable and low cost protein source in order to help feed the Earth’s growing population, while also using the algae grown in the fish production to make more sustainable plastics.

ALGIX Jamaica - Barton Isles
A Sampling of Solaplast Resins

SOLAPLAST: Offers algae blended plastic resins using our standard formulation based on over 4 years of research and development. We also can provide custom compounded solutions to develop special formulations for your specific project.  SOLAPLAST receives algae biomass from a wide variety of sources and uses plastic extrusion technology to produce bioplastics resin pellets for use in injection molding, sheet extrusion, blown film and thermoforming product conversion techniques in both durable and biodegradable formulations. SOLAPLAST also offers toll compounding services for manufacturers or product innovators using our specialized equipment for bio-based materials, blending fine powders, high moisture materials, multiple down-stream feeds,and underwater die pelletization. At SOLAPLAST we are dedicated to taking algae, a bountiful natural resource that is often a nuisance, harvesting it from a variety of sources and using it to create more sustainable plastics.


BUYALGAE.com: Offers an eCommerce platform which aims at assisting in the commoditization of algae as an agricultural crop for use in bio-based products. The algae biomass market is currently in its infancy, with little production and a lack of standardization, so by our evaluating and quantifying the algae composition from feedstock producers and providing detailed analysis to potential buyers, buyalgae.com is leading the way in growing the acceptance and utilization of algae as a renewable resource.

Variety of Algae Samples