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Algae Harvester

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ALGENT, a division of ALGIX, has developed a custom built mobile algae harvesting platform. Our harvesters use dissolved air flotation in a high efficiency design to separate algae biomass from water. The harvester is deployed to ponds or lakes that have high algae concentrations to convert the dilute green water into an algae dense slurry. The harvester has demonstrated high efficiency in coagulating and flocculating algae into a skimmate. In order to produce dry algae, the harvester works in connection with a centralized drying facility. The ALGENT drying facility has slurry storage capacity, secondary mechanical dewatering, and tertiary thermal drying infrastructure capable of drying a wet algae slurry down to under 10% final moisture levels.

ALGENT M2 Algae Harvester Specifications:

  • The M2 Harvester has a capacity of 200 gpm of input feed and is capable of processing algae-rich water up to 1,000 ppm of total suspended solids.
  • For higher concentration waters, the harvester can be modified to handle up to 5,000 ppm of total suspended solids.
  • The energy consumption of the M2 unit is less than 3.6KW (<4.8 HP) and can produce over 1,000 gallons per day of algae slurry at 3- 5% solids.