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Clean Water - The Problem

The Problem

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Algae Bloom caused by excess nutrients in the water.

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The Market

16,000 Wastewater treatment plants in USA


USA market $44 Billion annually with 6% growth rate


Higher growth rates expected in municipal wastewater driven by Asia-Pacific market growth.

The Solution

  • Algae is fastest growing plant on Earth capable of using sunlight to convert carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus into biomass.
  • The rapidly dividing algae cells have protein as majority of composition.
  • Algae production and be deployed as a growth technology in both open and closed cultivation platforms
    • Open ponds have Low CAPEX, Low OPEX, Large Footprint Systems
      • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Wastewater treatment
    • Closed systems have Higher CAPEX, Higher OPEX, but Small Footprint Systems
      • Highly efficient Tertiary treatment for very low PPM polishing of nutrients
    • Algae production can be from harvesting ecological algae blooms
      • Algae harvesting systems can operate on polluted water bodies to capture algae bloom biomass

The Earth has limited fresh water resources which is tied to the lack of economical wastewater treatment. ALGIX Water Solutions turns to algae cultivation as a way to absorb excess nutrients from waste water and yields clean water and protein-rich algae biomass as co-products. ALGIX is collaborating with multiple algae water treatment technology companies that have a variety of commercial solutions depending on the customer’s needs.