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ALGIX is committed to Life Cycle Thinking and further improving our products in order to produce more with less and to ensure sustainable resource use while alleviating the stress on the environment. Various life cycle analyses support the better performance of biobased rigid packaging, in particular in the impact categories of human health, ecosystems, climate change and fossil resources.


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Comparison of Life Cycle Impacts

These graphs compares the health and environmental impacts of the pure base resin versus the respective Solaplast compounds with 45% algae loading.  Thus, the green bars represent the Solaplast grade resin’s  lower environmental and health impact compared to the impact from the pure base resin.

The green bars show a lower impact, which gives a beneficial result.

This demonstrates that by using Solaplast resins, the life cycle is improved by up to 38% compared to the pure base resin.

Solaplast 1723 vs. Polystyrene

Human Health69%
Cumulative Enengy Demand80%
Climate Change65%

Solaplast 2020 vs. PLA

Human Health75%
Cumulative Energy Demand86%
Climate Change69%

Solaplast 1223 vs. Polyolefin

Human Health78%
Cumulative Energy Demand87%
Climage Change70%