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Solaplast is a green technology company committed to the production of sustainable plastic composites. Through an uncompromising work ethic, innovation and life cycle thinking, we empower our customers to address the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. Our process allows us to provide a wide variety of environmental, economic, and humanitarian benefits.

Solaplast Overview

Solaplast, a subsidiary of ALGIX,  harnesses the potential of algae to make bio-plastics for the replacement of traditional petroleum-based plastics and for the reduction of biodegradable plastic costs. Our process includes innovations that reduce the environmental impact of plastic use and correct existing impacts from other sources. To our customers, Solaplast can offer tremendous improvements to Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and can allow sustainability objectives to be reached. Solaplast’s products will certainly improve a customer’s green image and will also generate buzz around their products, garnering extra recognition within the plastics sector and from their consumers at the register. Most importantly, we are able to offer all of these environmental benefits while being cost competitive in the market place.


DSC_6083Our process starts with algae; one of nature’s most prevalent and productive plants and an important bioremediator of waste products in nature. Solaplast works with our sister company, Algent, to source algae from areas that historically have had algae problems. We also work with innovators in the water treatment space to obtain algae. Through both of these algae collection efforts, we are ensuring that the algae we use to make our resins are providing cleaner waterways than previously existed. Each pound of algae we use is also consuming approximately two pounds of CO2. Therefore the algae have already made a mark on our planet improving both global water and air contamination issues.


After Solaplast receives algae it undergoes a strict compositional analysis and micronization process that allow us to provide our customers with high quality resin that they can be certain will meet their quality specifications. From there, Solaplast has modified the industry standard twin screw extrusion platform to produce high quality plastics. Our resins are used by innovative customers who use these resins to create novel products, ranging in bio-content from 10% to 50% algae.


Solaplast’s innovative product solutions revolutionize the polymer space by providing bio-based sustainable products that do not compete with food production and help to reduce negative environmental impact. This allows Solaplast to provide in our products the positive impacts of traditional bio-plastics (including carbon sequestration, smaller ecological footprints, reduced petroleum dependence, and improved end of life options) without impacting food pricing or food supplies.

Solaplast also provides our customers a number of application based cost reductions and technical benefits. The potential for Solaplast resin use exists for a number of applications, and here at Solaplast we are always interested in helping our customers meet their sustainability goals through our custom formulating services. Solaplast also offers toll compounding to pioneering companies who would like to leverage our extensive technical background and specially modified extrusion capabilities to make their product innovations come to life.