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From Plastic Pollution to an Algae Solution

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The University of Georgia recently reported on research results that estimates the amount of plastic pollution that is generated each year. “Their study, reported in the Feb. 13 edition of the journal Science, found between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean in 2010 from people living within 50 kilometers of the coastline. That year, a total of 275 million metric tons of plastic waste was generated in those 192 coastal countries.” “Eight million metric tons is the equivalent to finding five grocery bags full of plastic on every foot of coastline in the 192 countries we examined.” UGA-infographic-plastic-waste ““We’re being overwhelmed by our waste,” she said. “But our framework allows us to also examine mitigation strategies like improving global solid waste management and reducing plastic in the waste stream. Potential solutions will need to coordinate local and global efforts.”(1) A viable solution: Algix’s Bioplastics from Algae Solaplast, a subsidiary of ALGIX, harnesses the potential of algae to make bio-plastics for the replacement of traditional petroleum-based plastics and for the reduction of biodegradable plastic costs. Our process includes innovations that reduce the environmental impact of plastic use and correct existing impacts from other sources. To our customers,  Solaplast can offer tremendous improvements to Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and can allow sustainability objectives to be reached. Solaplast’s products will certainly improve a customer’s green image and will also generate buzz around their products, garnering extra recognition within the plastics sector and from their consumers at the register. Most importantly, Solaplast can offer all of these environmental benefits while being cost competitive in the market place. Algix resin 2022 website picture Solaplast’s innovative product solutions revolutionize the polymer space by providing bio-based sustainable products that do not compete with food production and help to reduce negative environmental impact. This allows Solaplast to provide products that positively impacts of traditional bio-plastics (including carbon sequestration, smaller ecological footprints, reduced petroleum dependence, and improved end of life options) without impacting food pricing or food supplies. Solaplast also provides customers a number of application based cost reductions and technical benefits. The potential for Solaplast resin use exists for a number of applications, and here at Solaplast we are always interested in helping our customers meet their sustainability goals through our custom formulating services. Solaplast also offers toll compounding to pioneering companies who would like to leverage our extensive technical background and specially modified extrusion capabilities to make their product innovations come to life. Resources: 1. http://ugaresearch.uga.edu/research-news/8-million-metric-tones-of-plastic-enter-the-oceans-every-year-study/#sthash.qeeWO3gR.dpuf 2. http://algix.com/  

3D Fuel & ALGIX Celebrate Earth Day by Introducing Revolutionary Algae Based 3D Printer Filament & Joint Venture

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3D Fuel Logo 3D Fuel, a manufacturer of 3D printer filament, just announced the launch of its algae based 3D Printer filament through a Joint Venture (JV) with ALGIX, LLC.  ALGIX is a clean technology company that produces sustainable plastic products utilizing algae from aquaculture and water treatment technologies. "Our Joint Venture with ALGIX opens an entirely new realm of possibilities for us and the 3D Printing market. We are producing high quality filaments, exceeding the typical industry standard. With our efforts being focused on environmental friendliness, some of the exciting product lines we will be introducing to the market in the coming months have the ability to completely change how users of 3D Printers view their printing materials and their impact on the environment. We are positioned to become the company that is not only setting the standards of quality for printer filaments but setting the standards in how those materials impact the world we live in." says 3D-Fuel co-founder Matthew Stegall.

ALGIX, which is a leader in producing sustainable bio-plastic composites, is equally excited about its JV partnership with 3D Fuel in producing a more environmentally friendly 3D printer filament.  "We saw 3D Fuel as an emerging leader in this industry who wanted to add a more earth friendly filament to its core product offering, which we are able to provide through our Solaplast algae filament and sustainable business practices," says Michael Van Drunen, C.E.O. of ALGIX. "Both companies commitment to excellence in both manufacturing and research and development was a clear indicator that our Joint Venture would be a huge success. With our core values being very synergistic, we know our customers will see the difference in not just our product offerings, but the principles in our business practices that we bring to the 3D printing market."

3D Fuel recently revealed one of its most innovative products to date, Fuel In a Box™. "We are very excited about our trademarked Fuel in a Box™ product," says Stegall. "We wanted to create a first to market product that helped fuel people's creativity in a convenient and productive way.  There's nothing worse than having to change out filament in the middle of your printing project.  Now you can use a continuous run of filament from a 5 or 20 kg dispensing box."

One of the things that allows 3D Fuel to stand out among its competitors, besides the innovative products it produces, is its manufacturing process.  3D Fuel uses the purest and highest quality raw materials for its filament.  "What sets 3D Fuel apart is our background in custom compounding and years of experience with filled polymers in the plastics industry," says Ashton Zeller, Director of Research and Development. "This experience lends us to a higher degree of filament testing, which in turn delivers unmatched quality to our customers."

Ryan Hunt, CTO of ALGIX states, "3D Fuel is leveraging the vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities of ALGIX including biomass processing, micronization, compounding, filament extrusion and logistics. This allows us to rapidly innovate by taking ideas to end products in a short period of time." While developing innovative products and manufacturing the highest quality filament is 3D Fuel's top priority, it remains poised to become an industry leader and proponent of sustainable products and services that are important to the entire industry.  Recently, 3D Fuel invited GreenDisk and reShootz to become part of this focus using their recycled material line. "Our mission is to create a synergistic group of like-minded and sustainability focused firms called the Green Alliance whose core competencies include biodegradability, recyclability and sustainable business practices," says Stegall.

3D printing technology is still in its infancy stage and is a dynamic market, but 3D Fuel is committed to growing and responding to this dynamic nature of the industry.  "We remain committed to our clients, consumers and to the environment as we grow and expand our business model," says Steve Gall, 3D Fuel Co-Founder.  "We fully understand that things change quickly in this industry and that we need to be responsive to new technologies and products that impact our business.  At the same time we'll continue to manufacture innovative 3D printer fuels and set unprecedented industry standards for quality and excellence."  3D Fuel's manufacturing facility is located in Meridian, Mississippi.

It comes as no surprise that both 3D Fuel and Algix are committed to Life Cycle Thinking in order to produce more with less.  3D Fuel's new 3D Printer filament lines, coupled with its superior manufacturing processes, will provide at home 3D printing enthusiasts, small scale manufacturers, artisans, designers, engineers and educators piece of mind knowing they are purchasing products from a company that is dedicated to producing high quality filament that has been produced by a sustainably-minded company. If you're ready to fuel your creativity with an innovative and earth friendly 3D printing filament, head over to http://www.3dfuel.com and place your pre-order now or call 657-3DFUEL1 (657-333-8351).


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Solaplast Grand Opening – Formulating the Potential of Algae

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Officials from bioplastics manufacturer ALGIX, LLC are holding a grand opening event today at the company's SOLAPLAST facility in Marion, Miss., in Lauderdale County. The project represents an $8.5 million corporate investment that will increase to $40 million and will create 100 jobs over the next three years.

ALGIX's new state-of-the-art facility features compounding equipment that utilizes the company's patent-pending technology to convert algae into bioplastic pellets that are used in injection molding applications.

"I appreciate the team at ALGIX for choosing to locate its new SOLAPLAST facility in Marion. Agribusiness and manufacturing are leading industries in Mississippi, and they contribute significantly each year to the state's economy," Gov. Phil Bryant said. "We have the infrastructure in place to ensure companies in these important sectors prosper, and I know east Mississippi will provide ALGIX with the resources needed to be successful in our state. I welcome the company as the newest business partner to the state of Mississippi and look forward to watching the company grow in the future."

"Plastics are a part of our everyday lives, but plastic waste is filling up landfills and polluting our lakes and oceans. As a result, ALGIX is committed to helping users lower their carbon footprint by providing bioplastic solutions utilizing aquatic feedstock," said ALGIX CEO Mike Van Drunen. "Our new Mississippi facility is in a strategic location for ALGIX as it is in the heart of America's aquaculture industry and is a key source for our algae feedstock."

"Today's grand opening of ALGIX's new facility is a testament to the state's strong, supportive business climate and to the quality of the workforce found all throughout Mississippi. MDA takes pride in optimizing its resources to best assist companies like ALGIX as they locate in the state or expand existing operations, and we are glad to have been a part of this project," said MDA Executive Director Brent Christensen. "We thank our partners at the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation, the town of Marion, the city of Meridian and Lauderdale County for working to bring this great company to Mississippi."


ALGIX, LLC is developing sustainable methods and materials based on algae biomass for injection molding applications. Utilizing patent-pending technology, the company converts nutrient-rich wastewater into fast-growing aquatic biomass suitable for conversion into bioplastics. For more information, visit www.algix.com.


-                 News video: http://www.wtok.com/home/headlines/Solaplast-Formulates-Plastic-out-of-Algae-282877561.html See more at: http://www.noodls.com/view/5C942069BE80DFF5EAA7EF3E1629C928B40C0193?1xxx1416005702#sthash.4IXqzLq2.dpuf